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  Balfour Military Rings

Balfour Military provides an extensive line of personalized rings that represent the commitment, traditions and friendships members of our military honor while serving our country. Each Balfour Military ring is a custom-crafted symbol of the spirit and integrity of military service. We offer a wide variety of rings that recognize service in the Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines and Navy. Additionally, Balfour creates special commemorative rings, such as the Operation Iraqi Freedom Ring, which pays tribute to the strength and courage of our American soldiers in Iraq.

About AmericanPride

Founder: Jost J. Dreyer
President: Carmen Dreyer
Location: Frankfurt, Germany

We are Balfour’s subcontractor for Military Ring Sales in Europe. Balfour is dedicated to providing unique, inspiring products that symbolize the achievements of the men and women of the Armed Forces. Balfour offers simple, fair pricing that make the products within the reach of every member of the United States Military. Balfour operates with the highest levels of integrity and ethics.

Our Partnerships:
  • We partner with AAFES to ensure that our products are available on all military installations where basic training is conducted.
  • We are the exclusive AAFES distributor of custom military rings in Europe.
  Contact / How to order:
Please contact us at sales@ampride.de
Jens J. H. Dreyer
cell: +49 (0)170 2758 336


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